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Style guides

We like to keep our website simple, lovely and clean to give our visitors the best experience possible. With this in mind we have some simple style guidelines for registrants to follow when they provide artwork. These style guides are for the directory listings and the profile pages. The nature of the responsive website does mean that if uploaded images do not meet these requirements, they are likely to give not perform well.

We have a maximum file upload size of 2MB.

Click images for downloadable full size images.

Directory artwork guideline:

Directory Style Guide

For the directory listings we ask you make sure you work the dimensions stated in the above guide (345px wide x 600px high) and work to the area marked safe for your logo. The rest of the space you are free to express yourself as creatively as you wish.. within reason of course. Images received that do not work to these guidelines, will not render properly across the responsive element of the websites design and functionality.

Profile page artwork guideline:

Profile Page Style Guide

For the profile page the rules are a little more relaxed, but we still require the image to have the dimensions (1170px wide x 300px high). The responsive nature of the website will scale this image appropriately down for smaller browser widths. So we ask you simply focus on the quality of the larger size outline in this guide.


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