Warrington Digital is an advocate for the digital community in and around Warrington, UK. We connect, network, promote and provide support for anyone working within the digital scene

What we do

Warrington Digital has set out to encourage, grow and support the digital community in and around the Warrington district. We branch out in a variety of different ways to make this happen.

We are established as a scalable solution to connect the pockets of a wider community that reside in smaller groups and grow a network of organisations and professionals.  We’re driven by our passion to manifest and support the talent and output from Warrington. Our immediate core goals are to:

  • be an advocate for the digital community both in and around Warrington
  • bring Warrington’s digital profile in line with the neighbouring cities of Liverpool & Manchester
  • promote Warrington as a serious contender for digital growth

We’re a community of studios, agencies, entrepreneurs, investors, freelancers, contractors and students – comprised of designers, developers, innovators, educators, strategic thinkers, consultants & digital tinkerers.